Last week The Guild finally opened its doors (phew!) and we’ve had some great feedback, the best being people already setting up office here. One or two comments from people seeing the space for the first time was that in some rooms the space looked a bit blank, in some cases that’s been a design choice, one of our worries has always been that we didn’t want The Guild to look too over designed too soon – we want our members to feel at home here but also make themselves at home. If there’s something you want or need let us know or if you have something at home feel free to bring it in!

One of the biggest ‘blanks’ we have is the library…its lacking the essential books! This is where the blog turns into an appeal, if you have any books/magazines that you are willing to donate (they can be on anything from Le Corbusier to HTML) please feel free to drop them off at reception, we promise to give them a good home! The other thing the library is lacking are bookshelves…now I’m happy to stack the books all over the place but that could quickly turn the library into something of an assault course! We don’t really want to go to the big blue and yellow store as it won’t quite fit in with the library (Grade I listed, panelled room with original ceiling and fireplace) so if you have a suitable bookcase or if you want to build us one we’d be eternally grateful…

…Appeal over!

One thing we trying to get out there is that The Guild is was set up to be a community space, though Tom and myself are here to help/manage we want to hand the space over to all of you, so if you have any ideas or if you think we’ve missed something let us know!