Whenever I show people around the Guild they always ask what the place is…it is a work space? a networking space? or a meeting space? and the answer is that its all three.

One of the biggest differences between business centres/hot desking and coworking is that we are trying to build a community space where people giving as much as they take, feel involved and hopefully start to collaborate with one another. In order to support the community we provide an intranet – all of our members can interact on this, post ideas and share exciting business news, as well as organising the odd pub lunch! We also encourage people to step away from their laptops and come together over a slice of cake on a Wednesday or take part in epic nerf gun fights (last Friday)

However. we also want to let others know that we aren’t just an office that does cool stuff for people who work here, we also want to support the wider community of tech and creatives in Bath. To try and achieve this we have our weekly ‘meetups’ these are open to anyone, so far we’ve had meetups for Mums, Developers, Designers and film-makers, meetups aside we’re also branching out with our activities and since last week we have now added lunchtime yoga to our repertoire…not your typical office activity!

If this has wetted your appetite or if you want to find out more just pop in for a look around or better still come along the one of our socials.