#### 2013 was the year that the Guild was officially born and it’s been awesome so far! To celebrate the end of what has been a busy and exciting year for us we asked some of our members to share their highlight of 2013!

[**Mark Wray -Mark Wray Architects – Director**](http://markwray.co.uk/ “Mark Wray”)
Jacking in my job and starting out working for myself! In my first week The Guild happened to be opening so I was queuing outside which was pretty exciting. And TKMaxx opening.

[**Emma Wynne – Pikipik – Content Editor**](https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pikipik-best-picture-quiz/id718771698?mt=8 “Emma Wynne”)
Working with Helen on PikiPik. We didn’t know each other before we started working together and we make an AWESOME team.

[**Simon Starr – Cahootify – CTO**](https://cahootify.com/ “Cahootify”)
The most exciting thing that happened to me this year was the birth of my second daughter.

**Stuart Nelson – The Guild – Guardian Of The Guild**
I managed to get my dissertation about “How Deaf People IN Britain Experience Music” published which was a massive achievement. I’m dyslexic and I have never wanted to write anything before this.

[**Tatjana Humphries – The Guild – Hub Manager**](https://theguildhub.co.uk “Guild”)
Being approached in Waitrose by little old ladies telling me how awesome my blue hair was…it even got me into Elle!

[**Tom Lewis – The Guild – Operator**](https://theguildhub.co.uk “Guild”)
Proudly opening the doors of the hub on the very first day at 9am, an achievement made all the more exciting after having arrived at 7am, locking myself out of the place and having to borrow a ladder from the Victoria art gallery to climb in through an Engine Room window just in time to open the front doors to our first members!

[**Brian Prescott – The Marketing Centre – Regional Director**](http://http://www.tmcentre.co.uk/ “Brian”)
After six months’ hard work building the business from scratch the most exciting thing for me was holding our first West Country team meeting with our eight local part-time Marketing Directors. We held it in the Never Bored Room – which was something I imagined doing the first day I walked into The Guild – and it didn’t disappoint!
Seasons Greetings

[**Stephen Dodd- OfficeTime.net – Director**](http://http://www.officetime.net/ “Stephen”)
Making it into the top 50 grossing productivity apps on the App Store.

[**Jack McConnell – Voltronik – Web Designer & Front-end Developer**](http://http://www.voltronik.co.uk/ “Jack”)
Moving to Bath in the Summer and launching our biggest website to date with thousands of people visiting in the first hour.

[**Katrina Fox – Peters-Fox – Owner / Consultant**](http://www.peters-fox.co.uk/ “Kat”)
Launching our first mobile – global careers site – saving the client 90% in production costs. AND buying a house.

[**Pete Francomb – Cahootify**](http://cahootify.com “Pete”)
Successfully reinventing myself professionally

**Michael Youngman – Technology Delivered**
Having my daughter…so having a new boss!

**Michael Edwards**
Moving house!

[**Alison Howell – Foot Trails**](http://foottrails.co.uk/#&panel1-1 “Alison”)
Gosh, feel it’s been a year for moments. But I loved walking in the Anza Borrego desert in California which was part of a research trip to grow our exports. And I’m really happy to have discovered The Guild. A new chapter.

**Vicky Edwards**
Relighting the fire of creativity! Spending a weekend engrossed in drawing like I did as a child, with hours passing like minutes and not being able to stop even for food!!!

#### So farewell 2013 and here’s looking forward to 2014!