On Friday 25th April Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury came to visit Bath. He had been to Bristol in the morning to announce that the city would be getting an additional £7 million in funding to support it as Europe’s green capital, on this way back to London Danny came to visit Bath. The Guild had been chosen as the location for Danny to meet local businesses and see what innovative, entrepreneurial ventures were taking place in the city.

Danny and an entourage including Bath’s MP Don Foster were given a tour of the space, they got to meet some of our members and discuss how working in a coworking space was beneficial to them. After they had finished their tour Danny sat down with some influential members of Bath’s business community to take questions. He took questions on how the government are providing funding for start-up teach businesses, arts development and local sustainability.

Danny commented that “This (The Guild) is brilliant, it is a model example of public and private sectors working together. Facilities like this help the people that work here, by coming here they can discuss things with other people, and share ideas. It benefits not just them, but the whole economy. The council in Bath have been very supportive, and I think other local authorities could learn something and follow their example.”

It was an honour to have such a prominent MP visit and it was great to see that Bath is being recognised as a centre for enterprising business.