Every Wednesday at The Guild is Cake Wednesday. Last week we had a special Cake Wednesday when Julie Beale from Bickie-Boo came in to show us how she builds her special gingerbread houses. Julie’s patented design involves using laces to tie together the gingerbread house at the roof and on the corners. This saves all the hours you could spend fiddling around with collapsing gingerbread walls!

Julie brought in a few biscuits so everyone could have a go at decorating their own little gingerbread person. Tom and Tatjana challenged each other to see who could make the best gingerbread man/woman. I’ll let you decided which one is the best.


Decorating gingerbread was a great way to take a break from a busy working day. We really appreciated Julie coming in. By popular demand Julie will be back in the autumn with her Christmas range for some more gingerbread fun!