We like to think we’re one of a kind here at The Guild, bravely going where no man has gone before and all that…Since we first opened something that we’ve really pushed has been to buy and support local – local coffee, local furniture manufacturers and local people… Bath is a great place for independent traders and it makes supporting them really easy too! We rounded up a handful of the members working in the space today and asked them three simple questions: #1. Best place to get a cup of coffee (controversial as the obvious place is The Guild so we ruled ourselves out to make it fair), #2. Favourite shop in Bath? and finally #3. Best place to get breakfast in Bath. Here are their answers: We tried to keep it local and independent!

 (From Left to Right: Brian, Mandy, Mike, Dan, Tatjana and Simon)                                                 


Best coffee…not much of a coffee drinker but Jika Jika do the best hot chocolates                                           

Best breakfast…Still looking, we do a weekly breakfast club here at the Guild – we went to Brasserie Blanc this week which was pretty good                                                                                                                   

Best shop…has to be Bloomsbury – Tintin and Tatty Devine under one roof = perfect


Coffee…Society Cafe

Breakfast…(part of breakfast club) Same Same…so far                

Shop…Mr B’s Emporium


Coffee…Society Cafe  

Breakfast…Same Same 

Shop…Apple (not exactly local)


Coffee…Coffee Time because it has the friendliest staff in Bath. Spicy popcorn and black coffee straight out of Africa. (opposite Waitrose) 

Breakfast…The Wild Cafe because its amazing.                                                                                    

Shop…American Dream Comics because its Bath’s best (and only) emporium of delights including comics, graphics novels and american junk food as well as geektastic toy selection: Mine Craft sword anyone?


Coffee…Not a big coffee drinker but if I was going to take someone for a coffee it would be at Society                                               

Breakfast…Wild Cafe                                                                                                                                               

Shop…Uttam Boutique



Breakfast…Best of British on Broad St                                                                                                                                     

Shop…Independent Spirit

We tried to keep it as local as possible…Cupertino, California isn’t that far away. Coffee winner by far was Society which is handy seeing as its only across the street from us!!