Independence Day at the hub…featuring zero aliens!

Having celebrated Canada Day earlier in the week we thought it was only fitting to celebrate the independence of their little known neighbour the United States of America. 

This of course meant the purchasing of some awesome sweets or ‘candy’ including M&Ms, Oreos, reese cups and a lone Charleston Bar which is one of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted, there were also hotdogs, bagels with cream cheese and coca-cola on offer for all the members.

As with earlier in the week the front reception was transformed with balloons, USA bunting, the White House on projection, American tunes and featured Barry’s family flag which features just 48 stars (Hawaii and Alaska not featured).

The celebrations drew to a close over a nail biting game of American Football on the xbox with Arizona Cardinals taking on the San Francisco 49ers which ended in a late touchdown bringing the game to a draw.

With 196 countries in the world we think we’ve got a few more celebrations and parties to organise!