We may be three hacks in but the work these guys can put out in 36hrs is astounding! 

As part of the Bath Digital Festival the Bath:Hacked team decided to do what we do best and hold a city hack focussing on the Past, Present and Future of the city, open to anyone – with beginner streams being held for the first time we welcomed around 40 hackers to the Guild. 
For the first time I had a play with the data store and along with my team mate Andrea we came up with the below:
by looking at the Crime Data we were able to select the crime and create a map showing where drug crime has happened in the city between Apr 13 and Apr 14. We didn’t present this to the judges as we felt that we had an unfair advantage…and we didn’t think it would go down to well with the sponsors, but hey its all about keeping kids safe.
The actual apps, websites and projects that the teams created was amazing, most of the teams had never seen the data before and in some cases had never hacked or coded before either. The winning project The Black Hole of Primary School Admissions hoped to make the process of school admissions easier for parents – as they said during their presentation for one school they had to look through an over 100 page pdf to find the answers!
The hack showed that there is so much in this city, and that the problems we do have can be solved and highlighted at events like ours. As the Leader of the Council Paul Crossley said during his closing speech Bath has always been known for its tourism and retail but today it is the creative and tech industries that are putting Bath on the map!
For more information on the projects developed at this years hack check out Bath:Hacked