The Guild is a membership space and currently we have 120 members which means that not everyone is in every day, some members are here just one day a week and others have other offices or are required to travel for work. However, we are a community space and we try to encourage our members to talk to one another both socially and professionally. To try and help our members meet one another and find out what each other does we started running fortnightly show and tells, however over the summer period we put this on hold. Since then we’ve seen our membership grow immensely and now seemed like the right time to start running these.

On Monday three of our members, two who have joined this quarter and one who has been a member here for over a year took to the floor to introduce themselves and their company to the members.

First up we had Janey who runs the Cultural Forum, she joined a couple of months ago and works here each Monday meaning she doesn’t a) manage to meet all of our members and b) when she is here she doesn’t have much time to socialise. 

Second up was Michael who has been a member here for over a year now, however it was still relevant for him to speak as he is now working on new projects including a new iBeacon project…with fellow Guild members! 

Lastly we had Will who like Janey only joined a couple of months ago, we tend to see him here three days of the week however due to his work as a film maker he is often on set filming and here late editing.

Show and Tells are not only useful for the speakers and the members but also for us, as we also find out what our members are up to meaning we are in a stronger position when telling them about external work, or when we are at networking events and someone goes ‘do you know anyone who works in…’

After the Christmas break Show and Tell’s will be returning in the New Year!