I caught up with Managing Director Dave Kelly to find out more about Storm, why they love Bath and what their plans are for the future.

Hi Dave, can you tell us a bit more about Storm? 

Storm develop digital products that are disruptive enough to change behaviours. Most of our clients want one of three things – to launch a brand new product or service, to create demand for an existing product or service or create the next version of an established product.
We’re a team of 10, who love to delight our clients with what is possible with technology. We love the variation of people and businesses we get to work with on a daily basis.

Why did you choose to base the company in Bath? 

As well as Bath being a stunning city, it is also a hub for tech and creative companies. The Bath Bristol area recently ranked 2nd (with only London ahead of it) in the Tech Nation survey for digital employment.

How did you first here about The Guild?

We’ve known Tom for quite some time – and we had to endure his endless musing about ‘a new focus for Bath’ – when The Guild was just a twinkle in his eye. So you could say that we came across The Guild well before it was even open. In fact, we had a couple of tours of the building site (with appropriate safety gear obviously….)

Why did Storm choose to sponsor The Guild?

We’re strong believers in supporting startups. One co-founders David and Adam were both University of Bath graduates who started Storm straight from University, so try to give back where they can. Supporting The Guild is one of a number of things we do at Strom to help keep Bath growing and thriving, we’re always heavily involved in the Digital Festival and can often be found running hack events are giving startup/tech talks.
Adam and Dave with their Storm plaque in The Guild’s reception

Finally, can you let us know what you have planned for 2015?

We’re working very closely with some fantastic clients in 2015 – helping them build bigger and better businesses. We’ve recently done some work with The Beano, and are currently finishing off some work with the lovely people at Gradwell. Next up we’ve got two products to build, one for a US client and the other for a secret Bristol based startup company!

Thanks to Dave and the team at Storm for sitting down with us, keep up-to-date with Storm on twitter @stormUK