On the last Friday of each month we play host to the Film and Video Meetup, this free meetup is aimed at galvanising the film and video community based in Bath, giving them a chance to informally network and share work and ideas. This months meetup had one single theme, to help inform new and potential attendees about the nature of the meetup, give a specific subject matter to help direct conversation and discuss during the event. We were very fortunate enough to have Luke Maitland leading this months discussion. Luke took to the stage to show his some of his beautiful work that he has created with Bath Abbey.

At the beginning of the meetup we allowed the guests to network, and chat amongst themselves while eating the obligatory popcorn (seriously?! what else could we provide…it is the film and video meetup after all). Then Luke took the floor…

…As a tease into the full video, we were introduced to the project via a short clip which primed the audience and gathered some initial interest, exhibiting the vibrant complexion of his work. Following this Luke went on to explain what the purpose of the video was, as well as some of his initial thoughts going into the project. 

The purpose of this animation was to inform stakeholders as to the details of Bath Abbey’s new £19.3 million programme of Capital Works and interpretation, known as Bath Abbey Footprint. These works will aim to do a number of things; stabilising the ground beneath the Abbey, tapping into the hot springs to heat it and better adapting the Abbey’s interior to better reflect its current use, opening a new song school for the choirs and a project/activity space as well as installing energy efficient lighting…phew! 

Bath Abbey – What is Footprint? from Animated Magic on Vimeo.

Luke went on to explain his initial communication with the Abbey and the process by which they began to create the ideas behind the video. Throughout the talk there were a few key points that elicited questions and interest from those attending. Some key aspects of the talk which people expressed particular interest in were his time management, and dealing with pressures from the client (he quickly pointed out that the relationship between himself and the Abbey was relaxed!). As the talk proceeded, interest in his work grew and we think it’s safe to say that everyone left The Guild feeling a little bit more informed than when they entered.

If you want to see more of Luke’s work then check out his website