One thing that Coworking Hubs all have in common is that they all offer a variety of Membership Plans, they market themselves as flexible workspaces that can work for a variety of different types of companies and this is why they are often compared to gyms in terms of business model.

Before The Guild was opened the team did a vast amount of research looking and visiting other hubs to see what the most popular offer was, unsurprisingly it was flexibility! Therefore when we opened we offered a variety of different plans ranging from those looking to network to those members who wanted to be based at The Guild full time. Membership at The Guild has been reviewed monthly since we launched and we recently noticed a shift in what our members wanted, one that is reflected in hubs around the world. People are choosing to be at either end of the scales, members either want complete flexibility or they want their own desk and the number of people who want something in-between is lowering each month.  

Therefore, here at The Guild we decided to give our Membership offering a bit of a refresh, we looked at our plans to see how they could be made better suited to our current members but also new potential ones also. We decided increase the level of flexibility in plans by focussing on hours rather than days and added to our desk options by the introduction of Perm desks into our main coworking space. We hope that the new plans will encourage our members to use the space more as those on the coworking packages will be have to be less structured in the way they use their time. Rather than having to plan on being in the space all day they can instead come in for a few hours a day…and still stay for the day if they wish.

We believe that we’ll see more members using the space now and by encouraging members to come in throughout the day there will be more of a buzz about the workrooms and that new members will see this as a community they need to be a part of!

For more information on our plans please look at the Price list on our website, or come in and talk to FOH.