We still remember when we opened our doors for the first time to coworkers on Wednesday July 10th, mainly because we had only just activated our access control system and Tom managed to lock himself and all the new members out of the building, he then had to borrow a ladder from the Victoria Art Gallery and climb in through a window in the Engine Room, which thankfully had been left open. 

After that minor hiccup we then started to greet our new members, some we had met before on the handful of tours and one to ones we had held while the Guild was under construction, and some we met there for the first time. By the end of day one we had several new members and others scheduled to join in September once the kids were back at school. As an opening gesture we offered a free month of coworking to all of those who joined in July, hence why we also have a Birthday in August. 

Now not to get too soppy, but it hasn’t always been easy and it’s easy to look around The Guild today and imagine it has always been this way. We’ve been blessed with having the most amazing members who have all worked hard to create an awesome community here, but we’re not finished yet! Two years on we have seen companies grow and open their own offices, we have seen members leave and come back and we also have a number of ‘originals’ who come in each day and provide a backbone to the space. We know what works and doesn’t work and we also know what we can and can’t provide (we’re working on changing the things we can’t). Hopefully in a year from now when The Guild turns 3 we’ll be in an even stronger position!

Below are selection of shots from our Birthday: