…It appears that The Guild garden (we use the term ‘garden’ generously here, most people know it as the bike store/air con graveyard) has become home to a pair of rather exotic looking birds. After spending a bit of time on Google and with much debate amongst the members with both goldfinch and yellow tit being named as the likely species. 

The original discoverer of the two birds Chris Dawson soon established that they were in fact wagtails, and despite being yellow in colour they are in fact ‘grey wagtails’ rather than ‘yellow wagtails’ making them pretty rare with estimated numbers being 38,000 pairs, meaning they are on the RSPBs amber list. 

It’s safe to say that the two birds have become something of a star attraction here at The Guild, with those using the Never Bored Room getting the best seat in the house! 

A small committee is currently trying to come up with names for the pair, make sure to keep up to date with our twitter account for more bird related news!