Who and what is Cahootify?

Cahootify is an online project portfolio and team-forming platform for the creative production industries (film, TV, video). A place to showcase skills and/or crew productions. We’re all about helping creative production professionals make projects happen.
We’re currently a team of seven consultants who’ve come together to invest our time in the enterprise.
You recently relaunched Cahootify, what prompted this?
The initial spark for the idea was “no-one has yet successfully launched a major platform that’s all about forming teams for projects” and version 1 of the product was an experiment with that concept. But if you’d asked us then “Who exactly is Cahootify for?” we’d have answered “Anybody!”. I knew from the start that this was probably too wide an audience for a startup! (Much as we might wish it wasn’t…) And indeed we discovered that it was. So version 1 was largely about exploring various potential markets. We investigated at least “media and entertainment”, “social and community”, “green and sustainability”, “freelancers”, “startups”, “publishing” and “creative agencies”.
Finally we settled on “media and entertainment” as our market, which led to a rethink of our brand and the decision to relaunch – on top of which we were joined by a superb visual designer! (Version 1 was designed by me because I was the only person we could get for a budget of zero…)
Also, we learned very soon after the launch of version 1 that there were some basic usability issues we needed to address. Beyond that, the core feature-set is remarkably unchanged.
How can people get involved?
As far as the Cahootify team is concerned, if you have a history in either finance, law or Ruby on Rails web development, and if you’re interested in joining the team on the same basis as the rest of us right now (i.e. sweat equity), please get in touch. We’re also seeking cash investment so please give us a call if you’re involved in angel investing or have a spare fifty grand or so lying around… 😉
As far as using the platform is concerned, if you’re working, or aspiring to work, in film, TV or video production, sign up and create a project portfolio! And if you have any ideas for future projects or projects with defined roles that need filling (whether paid or just for experience), advertise them on the platform – we’ll also do our best to promote such projects via social media etc. All this is FREE.
Where do you hope Cahootify will be in a year’s time?
In a year’s time we hope that:
  1. Cahootify will have received it’s first round of funding.
  2. All team members will be being paid professional rates for their time.
  3. The Cahootify community will be growing at a healthy rate and people will absolutely love the product.
  4. We’ll have our first customers (i.e. a few people and/or companies will have started paying us for our planned premium features and services).
Any plugs you wish to share? 
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Author: Pete Francomb, CEO and Head of Product
Contact: [email protected], 07717 826274, Twitter: @cahootfiy