Last week we were visted by The National Citizens Service who came in for a tour and to use our podcasting facilities in our Never Bored Room. The NCS Social Action Project made up of nine teenagers and two volunteers were spending their summer holidays creating awareness of two organisations very dear to them. Firstly, they were planning to put on a local fundraiser, called Project Kick Start to raise funds for the William Cross Foundation, in loving memory of the lovely Will Cross, a local teenager that passed away from hydrocephalus earlier this year. Their second awareness drive was for a campaign called ‘GotYaBack’, dedicated to teaching young teenagers about being safe and aware when they are out alone and keeping an eye out for each other on nights out. 


We firstly gave the group a tour of the The Guild to introduce the teenagers to the idea of flexible work space. As coworking and community creation becomes a key part of employment in the future, our hope is that these teenagers will be able to think about not only who they want to work for, but also how and where. Showing them around they seemed to like the mixture of formal and informal spaces that we have here, some commented on the bean bags and the fun names we have for the rooms.

We finished the tour in the Never Bored Room where half of the group had set up the podcast equipment ready for their discussion. Inspired by Will Cross’s keen passion in politics, the group debated the current legislation around drugs and how this can affect the live and futures of the young. You can listen to their interesting ideas here.  

If you would like to know more about the National Citizen Service and their good work, you can do so here. And feel free to donate to the The William Cross Foundation to support this great new charity. 

Photos by: Sophie Gregory