A few months ago we took the decision to take part in Bath Boules 2015, our first task was to choose a team name and we left this tough decision up to our members…

…The choices were pretty varied:

Tickle the Boules

Wrecking Boules

Guilden Boules

The Dogs Boules (something of a theme here)

and Guildians of The Galaxy

rather than dress up as twenty Miley Cyrus’ the members decided on Guildians of The Galaxy (thanks Bertie for the winning suggestion). 

We now had a team name we just needed to get the team! Luckily our members are always keen to take part in fun events, and this was no exception. So come Friday morning we were ready to go, had we practised? well no but we were pretty confident that we would triumph in the end. 

Our first game against Deloitte didn’t go to plan, but we lost by a single point so we still felt that we could pull the game back, the second game went much the same way as the first BUT once we got to that third game the tide started to turn which oddly coincided with the emergence of alcohol. We won our third game 9-0 huge congrats to Alvaro, Elliot, Will and Bertie

Photo taken by Will Sansom

And from then on we were on a winning streak…

  Stuart taking the winning shot in Game Four

Simon getting ready to take his shot

Game Five was pretty tense in parts

Tatjana having much needed refreshments, ahead of Game Six

So by time we got to 5pm we had won four games in a row and we started to panic that we might actually have a shot of winning this, luckily we needn’t have panicked as our seventh game was brutal! The team did well to stay in it so well, but by time we were half way through we knew it wasn’t going to go our way.

We ended the day on a loss, but not in low spirits! We had all had an amazing day, enjoyed the sun, fizz and the game. It was a welcome break from Friday’s spent in the office and Guild members are already asking us for us to start scheduling Boules afternoons so all was not lost!

We just want to end on a couple of thank you’s first thanks to the incredible team behind Bath Boules…special mention to Dulcie and Greg and also a huge thanks to Team Guildians of the Galaxy: Martin, James, Alvaro, Elliot, Bertie, Tatjana, Simon, Mike, Stuart, Tom, Toby, Jack, Neil, Jamie, Frazer, Frazer and Gemma!!

We’ll see you again at Bath Boules 2016!

If you want to see other photos from the day, just check out our Facebook page