Hotdesking memberships

The Guild offers a range of hotdesking memberships, from our Guild From Home option (including 2 days hotdesking a month), 5 days a month and 10 days a month.  We do not currently offer hourly-based coworking.

All plans include access from 9-5.30pm (perm desks have 24/7 access) and our vibrant Slack community.  We have wifi access throughout the building, and a 300Mb leased line.  Our bean to cup coffee machine offers free drinks all day.  All desks have screening, and we have introduced a one-way system.  We have masks and hand sanitizer is available in the space.  All coworking bookings must be made via web app, mobile app or by phone/email by the latest the day before you want to come.

You can find out more about the plans and sign up here

All prices shown include VAT, and are subject to a £50 deposit which is refundable when you leave, minus any owings for printing and phone usage. We do not offer registered office services, and request that all business post is sent to member home addresses where possible.

Note that until govt guidance changes, we are not allowing ANY member visitors or meetings which involve non members.  This will be reviewed in September.

Permanent desks

We offer permament desk space at The Guild, with a choice of 3 rooms each with its own environment.  All desks include ethernet connection to our 300Mb leased line and all the benefits of membership, including free use of our bean to cup coffee machine.

The Library is a bright airy space.  It has 12 desks, mostly around the outside of the room, with a bank of two (facing each other) in the middle.  It has a quiet calm feeling, although the buses driving past can be quite loud!

The Lab is a smaller room, with 7 desks all facing walls. It looks out over the High Street, and tends to be quieter than the Library outside.  It's not quite as bright, and a bit more cozy.

The Don't Lecture Me Room offers the best of both the above- it's bright and not too noisy.  It's very popular though- desks don't come up too often in this space.