Here at The Guild we have an online suggestion area on our members intranet, and a few months ago one of our members mentioned that he had heard about the growing use of Google’s Business View for companies to showcase their offices online. As a tech/creative workspace this sounded right up our street, therefore we contacted one of Google’s recommended photographers, after a site visit we quickly we realised this was something we needed to pursue.

This week we welcomed the photographer back to The Guild, and as you can see from the photo below we decided to have a bit of fun with it!

Masks at the readyAs you can see we decided to be the home of all the ‘Where’s Wally’s’ in the world!

The actual shoot only took 1hr and a half, and the results are now live – we hope that the Business View will help us show the kind of workspace we have created here and the types of individuals who work here. We’re really pleased with it, for the first time we feel we have been able to show not only the design of the space, but also the overall scale – we’re blessed to be based in a space which on average has ceiling heights of 5m, but in the past we have suffered from not being able to show the scale of the space – thankfully with Google we are not only able to show the rooms, but also the dimensions including flooring and ceilings.


Please do take a look around the space, and if you’ve been here for a trial, work, for meeting rooms or networking do please write us a quick review on our Google page