A few months ago the beginnings of a new team to Bath were based here at The Guild, they would get envious glances from the members here as they all had new very shiny iMacs. The team – Tech Love & Care were based here while their company offices located on Monmouth Street were being renovated. While here they started to grow and develop their team and since leaving they have kept strong links with The Guild through membership and networking.

Last week they hosted Cake Wednesday, which was rebranded as ‘Tech Love & Cake‘, the whole team came along as they wanted to talk to us and our members about their new service which will soon be launching in Bath, and to invite our members to take part in a small pilot scheme.

Therefore, last Wednesday we found ourselves to playing host to the Tech Love & Care team, they really got involved with Cake Wednesday, by not only supplying the cake, but having one all branded up:

It was great to welcome the team back to the hub, and although many of our members work in tech I think there were a number of benefits for them…being able to code doesn’t mean you can set up a TV! We’re also aware that a number of our members are the go-to-techie in their family so schemes like this can really help!
The Tech Love & Care message is simple – they are here to help you get the most-and the best-out of technology in your life. 

  • Don’t have the time or desire to get all their devices working as they should
  • Are busy or on the move
  • Are looking to get more or save money on their technology – before and after purchasing
  • Have problems with self-setup
  • Have a problem which may be on one of several devices when each has been purchased from different retailers
  • Have a tech niggle or challenge that has been bothering you for ages
  • Are setting out into the brave new world of connected communication and technology
  • Or are looking for peace of mind and protection for their family’s use of technology

If it sounds like someone you know can do with a bit of ‘Tech Love & Care‘ get them to contact the team!

E: [email protected]

Tech Love & Care is a helping hand for people when they…