I’m sure many of you may have seen the recent rise in technology for homes – apps that control your heating, personal weather monitors, indoor air sensors, automated lighting, the list goes on. A few weeks ago Guild member Jack McConnell made a suggestion to us that having something that makes the coworking space a bit smarter could possibly enhance the environment for it’s members would set it aside from other coworking spaces and give useful information about how the rooms are performing. 

Last week we therefore ordered six Cube Sensors and Jack set about connecting them up and getting them working. We’re pleased to say that they’re all now recording data about the Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Pressure, Light and Noise in a handful of the rooms and are providing useful information and suggestions on how to make the environment more productive for our members.

All of the cubes have been carefully placed for connectivity and environment, when a member picks one up and gives it a little shake, it’ll glow to let them know how it is. If it’s anything other than blue, they can follow the instructions on how to access them and see what it suggests to make your environment better.

So far, they’ve ascertained that the Guild is too hot in the main work room (some may say toasty warm for that Christmas feeling) as a result the air conditioners are now on and the windows are open to help this. Getting the balance of each room will take time but with this new information, we’re hoping that the Guild will make you feel more productive.

Thanks to Jack for not only finding the sensors, but setting them up and writing a helpful guide on how our members can use them!